Fortunate Turn of Events (24 April 2006)

While browsing through my old LJ (again!), I came across the following post. It was about my reaction to the postponement of the 2006 National Open. I was fresh off a breakout UAAP season, winning my first medals in the collegiate ranks. I had high hopes for that year’s Nationals, but a strained hamstring threatened to derail my winning aspirations.

I went to Blue Eagle Gym a few minutes earlier than the designated call time, as part of my pre-training preparations. Comfortably perched on one spot, I saw Rob’s familiar Honda Civic slow down in front of me. As Rob and I were talking, Coach’s car silently made it’s way behind Rob’s. There something visibly different from my Coach’s face that afternoon. I presumed that he was just in one of his fits of rage/irritation.

Coach’s bad mood was indeed a cause for concern since he had just found out that this year’s National Open was moved from May 4-7 to June 21. This delay spells instant disaster for this year’s National Open campaign, and more importantly, the entire track & field program for the duration of this year’s season. Before this change of schedule, definite time frames for the off-season, phases of training, and the slated meets for the season, have already been set.

Hence, most of the team’s entries will be pulled out, aside from a few including myself, who would continue to train for this June’s National Open, albeit in a slower pace.

The postponement of the National Open is a bittersweet occurence, for me at least. Sweet because this 1 and a half month delay means more time for me to polish my technique and speed. More importantly, this development is heaven sent because I can now give my left hamstring ample time to recover. Due to PATAFA’s insolence in accounting for its funds, my left hamstring and I have been given a second chance.

In the long run, however, this change in schedule can spell disaster. One major consequence of this delay is that my rest time will be significantly reduced. If I’m not careful, a string of injuries can hamper my preparations for the ultimate meet of them all, the UAAP.

Coach gave me the option whether to join the Nationals or not. Despite the long term risks, pulling out is definitely out of the question.

Read the original post here

My leg healed in time for the Nationals. Despite harsh conditions, I managed to lower my personal best to 15.65s, eight-hundredths of second from my time in UAAP 68. I finished a respectable fourth. Romel, NCAA champion Joemary Padilla and UAAP record holder Orlando Soriano finished in the top three. This was my best performance in the National Open – to date.

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