Post-Game Reflections (11 July 2011)

I played my first organized basketball game since the ABL games last February. It was in a small league we have amongst traders. The games were competitive. Former varsity players are scattered among the various teams, raising the level of play.

In light of the months long hiatus, it was unsurprising how rusty I were. My body isn’t used to the sprint-stop-jump rhythm of the hoops game. Even if I did have the athleticism to grab a few rebounds, I couldn’t seem to hold my feet together as I incurred traveling violations! I was a non-factor, so to speak. The important thing is that the team got the “W.” Quoting the words of Herb Brooks from the movie “Miracle on Ice”: “The name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back!”

My competitive nature abhorred the poor showing. Fortunately, I kept those emotions in check.

I was a late bloomer in basketball. I hardly paid attention when my folks enrolled me in a MILO BEST clinic as a seven year old. Fast forward to the early oughts. I was driven by puerile heartache to the comfortable confines of the covered courts. I spent hours at length trying to make up for all the lost years I spent away from the hardcourt. I became a basketball fanatic, as I fantasized about landing a coveted varsity slot.

At my best, I was a decent covered court habitue. I had a soft touch from medium range, often relying on my athleticism to eke out shots point-blank. In light of my relatively poor offensive skills and ball-handling, I made it a point to excel on defense, as well as that unquantifiable aspect called hustle. Soon enough, I was lured by the track. As I became a better hurdler, my basketball skills dwindled.

We have around five games left in the short season. I have long since given up on my basketball dream, as my track & field aspirations went center stage. In the coming weeks, I’ll be using these basketball games as none other than great opportunities to break the monotony of my Han Solo routine – and of course, to live out what’s left of my basketball dreams!


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