Setting Goals

It was a gloomy Wednesday night in Ultra. The floodlights were on as a light drizzle fell on the denizens of the Pasig track. The Ateneo college team had just wrapped up its late afternoon training session. Zek was left doing sprints, with Coach Mick giving instructions and pointers. I was in the midst of going about the basic running drills when my college coach asked “Anong pinaghahandaan mo? (What are you training for?)”

I walked towards my mentor of five years and replied “Para sa (for the) PATAFA [weekly relays].” After a quick chat, I went back to my training. In a few minutes or so, Zek and Coach Mick left. Save for a few running coaches, I was the only track athlete left at the venue. Training solo has been the underlying theme of my comeback. Although I would have wanted to train full-time (or land a job near my training venues), I’m quite happy with the set-up. It took months before I finally reached some sort of equilibrium.

I know for a fact that my competitive days won’t last forever. At twenty-five years old, I’m giving myself a good three to four years with the sport. Beyond that, the more pressing concerns in life would have to take precedence. Athletics would take the backseat when that time comes. I’ve always considered my post-collegiate track career as a blessing. Considering that most of my peers are doing other non-track things, I am the exception to the rule. In a sense, I’m on borrowed time.

So I ask myself this: “As an athlete, where do I see myself in four years?”

Fourteen seconds. Before I hang up my spikes, I’d like to clock a legitimate, automatically-timed Sub-15 foray. It doesn’t have to be in the SEA Games or some international meet. I would love to better my 2007 best. A national title and an international competition are also my top goals. As an athlete, there is no greater honor than competing for the country.

While watching clips of my PNG 2011 race and that Sub-15 race, the difference in performance level was obvious. I have slowed by a massive 1.6, thanks to my two-year lay-off. Wallowing in mediocrity is the farthest from my mind.


3 responses to “Setting Goals

  1. Track Fan July 9, 2011 at 7:13 AM

    Hi again!

    Jun Rey Baño just did a 51.86sec in 400m hurdles accdg to a report from a HK meet site. That puts him as the top hurdler in 400m in SEA and the favorite for the Nov SEA Games in Indonesia! He is also closing in the National 400m hurdles record of Unso (51.2s). I hope there is no typo error w his time bec he could have completely overwhelmed the field if he only didn’t arrive late for the finals. That means that GTK’s athletic gold output is increasing for SEA Games 2011! He (GTK) should also consider assembling the best 400m runners in the country for the l600 relay- Bagsit, Nierras, and two more guys, maybe Baño… and also maybe Isidro de Prado jr. Well let’s see!

  2. Goal Setting For College Success November 1, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    Wow it’s good to see another Filipino setting goals.I wish you well.

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