The first few days of GPP has run quite smoothly. As always, I budget my training time, not spending more than two hours. As much as I’d like to do more work, I really have to keep things streamlined. In terms of discipline, I’ve been relatively more rigid than in the past season. Instead of watching the boob tube (or surfing the net) way up until the wee hours, I make it a point to hit the sack as soon as I accomplish my post-training (bath, dinner, check mail, check blog) rituals. On average, I’m sleeping at around 5 1/2 hours on a weekday. It may not be much, but that’s the bare minimum sleep my body needs to efficiently get by.

I still get lazy urges though. Since I train alone, succumbing to these sedentary desires aren’t that difficult. Each time I feel sluggish, however, I think about the experiences of PNG 2011. I take a deep breath and picture myself at the finish line, stopping the clock at less than 15 seconds, way ahead of the pack.

With both intrinsic and extrinsic factors fueling the fire, I am able to pusmy body a little further. Indeed, there’s nothing like a good shellacking to wake up the senses. I am just twenty-five years old. I know for a fact that I still have it in me. I have not lost the edge. I’m on the right track.


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