Return to Ultra (27 June 2011)

I was able to hitch a ride with my mom to Ultra last Wednesday. I got to the stadium a bit earlier than usual. While walking towards the track, I saw the familiar sight of tracksters training. Coach Emer and the rest of the PPVC was there. It was the first time I’ve seen the guys since I left Bacolod. Needless to say,  I was happy to be amongst them again! As an added bonus, the Ateneo team was also in the venue, albeit with a truck load of unfamiliar faces. Several former teammates were also in Ultra to take part in the nightly Frisbee festivities.

I welcomed the change in scenery. For the longest time, I’ve been training amongst an ocean of recreational runners. Having fellow track athletes in plain sight does wonders to one’s extrinsic motivation.

I kept things easy, since I’m just at the first microcycle of the GPP. I started off with a three-lap warm-up, basking under rapidly setting sun. I did running drills and hurdle drills afterward, as I strive to correct technical deficiencies. I must admit that I’ve been scrimping on the latter, opting to take short-cuts amidst my harried routine the past few months. Hence, my hurdling clearance was noticeably slower to say the least.

My Bacolod 2011 experience had strengthened my resolve to soldier on. In terms of confidence, I’m at an all-time high. My motivation, similarly, had grown exponentially as soon as I recovered my wits after that 16.5s clocking. Discipline, time management and passion are the keys to success.

I capped the wondrous training session with badass sprint endurance routine. I did seven, 100m sprints at around 14.5 seconds per rep, walking the curve in between sprints. By the third go, I felt fatigue set in. But then again, I’m used to longer distances. Easily, I shrugged off the lazy urge – using my PNG 2011 experience to fuel each and every stride.


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