Return to the Hill (27 June 2011)

I was supposed to train in Ultra last night, but it turned out that my Frisbee friends won’t be around. Since I need bright lights for a good hurdles workout (even if it’s just drills), I decided to scrap my plans and head out to Moro instead. I arrived at the Hill quite early, thanks to hassle-free MRT ride.  The night had not fully set in yet. Taking advantage of the natural light, I did my warm-up run around the good ole high school oval (and bumped into a few familiar face).

Coach Mick and Coach Igor were in Moro as well, supervising the sprint workouts of the college team. I’m old! I hardly know anyone in the team aside from the veterans and the coaches.

Training was great! I did lots of running drills to compensate for the times I neglected these exercises. Afterward, I did a few plyometric exercises, taking advantage of the space (I train at a cramped fitness gym, remember?). To cap the night, I sprinted 4x30m, resting for five minutes in between reps. The speed was still noticeable, even if I wasn’t wearing my sprinting spikes. Despite feeling a tad bit apprehensive about my recently strained right hamstring, I was able to go into full speed at the latter parts of sprint.

I just love doing speed work. It brings forth a unique adrenaline rush and a sense of exhilaration unique to athletics. As I always say after each high quality training session: great workout!


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