Back (20-23 June 2011)

I finally shook off illness and made the first steps towards the second half of the 2011 season.

On Monday, I headed out to the indoor track for my first track workout in weeks. The next day, l hit the gym despite feeling quite sore from the previous night’s. The last time I trained at the good ole indoor oval was more than a month ago. I’ve missed the place! Several familiar faces were there as well. While I was changing into my training clothes, I heard Coach Aris’ distinctive laugh emanate from the gym. When I went inside, I saw former teammate Bry Sutingco doing rehab exercises for his knee. It turned out that Zek Valera, my PPVC and college teammate, was also doing speed endurance work upstairs.

To cap the three-day training romp, I played some hoops with market colleagues on Wednesday. I was rusty of course, since the last basketball game I played was way back in February (we were bamboozled in our last ABL game, remember?). Nevertheless, it feels great to be physically active again. My hams did not act up, thanks to the rest and rehab program I followed.

Having successfully sprinted over ten, one-meter high barriers at the PNG has done wonders for my self-confidence. At first I was stumped, feeling down at the 1.6s differential from my lifetime best. Soon enough, I felt a sense of accomplishment. In a sense, I regained that swagger that I thought I have lost.

So much for the swagger! My legs are almost numb with soreness (well, I’m exaggerating of course) from the past days’ activities. I’ll be taking it easy today and enjoy the Friday!


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