Pre-GPP Thoughts

I’ve been a bad boy the past few weeks. After the PNG, I went on a two-week long rampage, boozing and carousing (well, mostly the former). It was mostly in celebration of my much delayed comeback – and to drown out the frustration of a measly 16.5s clocking. I originally wanted to start training two weeks ago, but I fell ill due to the aforesaid routine. My body wasn’t used to the late nights and the alcohol!

My hams rehab took a back seat during that span of time, as I recovered from a slight fever, a troublesome cough and a mean cold. I’m feeling much better now. The past few weeks, despite being particularly aimless, provided my tired mind with a timely respite from the Han Solo routine. The delays have doused the fires of desire.

Watching the 2011 European Team Championships made me crave for the competition. It was a reaffirmation purpose. I am more than just another rabid athletics fan, mind you. I relish the exploits of the elite and use the inspiration derived from these feats of strength to fuel my own performance.

Even if my track career is in the doldrums, I know for a fact that I still have it in me.

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