Wish list: Mizuno Tempo S Sprint Spikes!

I have long since given up on chancing upon a solid pair of sprinting spikes in Philippine stores. The domestic market for athletics is so small that the big shoe companies tend to ignore the sport altogether. Only Mizuno and Asics carry a limited line of spiked shoes in the Philippines, with the latter apparently selling the specialized footwear in the main office of its local distributor.

I was lucky to stumble upon a trusty pair of New Balance SDS606 last year. Even Mizuno had run out of its entry-level sprint shoes. I was about to buy Coach Emerson Obiena’s Chinese-brand spikes when I decided to scrimp and make do with my well-worn lineup.

A few weeks back, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a decent pair of Mizuno Tempo S sprinting shoes. It’s a far cry from my Asics Lite-ning in terms of being bad-ass, but I can’t be choosy lest I decide to spend a considerable amount for an imported pair. Besides, nothing beats getting the feel of a new pair of shoes yourself, than to have someone buy it for you.

Photo from Achilles Heel

I’m not a big fan of the orange streaks on the predominantly white shoe, mainly because most of my track wear are blue! I wouldn’t want to compete with the color combination all mixed up! But then again, it’s a decent pair. I particularly liked the snug feel. Instead of laces, the spikes had double straps, making it easier to put on. I’ve never owned strap-on competition shoes before. More importantly, the spike plate is rigid, enabling the sprinter (in my case, the hurdler) to stay on one’s toes throughout the race.

At around Php 3,600, it’s a good buy. The moment I tried the pair on, I could immediately sense the adrenaline rush of notching competitive sprint hurdling times!

I’m a big fan of the Mizuno-sponsored Japanese athletics team. Mizuno athletes like Shingo Suetsugo 末續 慎吾 and Koji Murofushi 室伏 アレクサンダー 広治 make the brand even more attractive. Hence, I’ve always held Mizuno stuff on a high pedestal. Despite its relatively steep price, the goods are stylish and durable. The last Mizuno spikes I owned (a humble red and black Tempo S back in 2005) lasted a good three years.

I tip my hat off to the guys and gals at Mizuno Philippines for making these specialized shoes available to the local market!

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