Some Updates

I’m a lot more confident now, in light of the successful comeback. It’s a good feeling to finally shake off the cobwebs of retirement. Hell, I was getting tired of saying referring to UAAP 70 (February 2008) as my last hurdles race! May 2011 sounds way better than the former.

Another week’s worth of hams rehab and strengthening and I’m good to go. I’m planning to intersperse competitive basketball games in my GPP routine, just to assuage the latent boredom of training alone. Come to think of it, not speaking to anyone else for hours at length could be damaging to the mind to say the least! A change in routine, no matter how minute, could be beneficial.

The long, hard road of preparation is in the horizon. Despite the harried balancing act of a working athlete, the prospect of bettering my lackluster 16.5s clocking in the National Games is a sweet thought. As that Dwayne Wade ad goes, “fall seven times stand up eight.”

For now, I’ll be taking it easy on the gym, focusing most of my energies on strengthening my hams – and doing fun-filled upper body workouts!


2 responses to “Some Updates

  1. Lauren June 17, 2011 at 4:35 AM

    I Love doing gym work :)
    hope it goes well for you!

    hope the hamstring gets better soon

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