10-for-10: Ivan Isada’s One-Two Punch

Race car driver/volleyball coach Ivan Isada answers the 10-for-10 quiz!

In 2002, the 17-year old Isada won the National Rallycross Championship – the youngest champion to date. The next year, the talented Isada snagged his first National Rally title in his first year in the said event.


Photos from Ivan Isada

Again, he was the youngest ever racer to hoist the coveted racing trophy. Off the track, the multi-talented Isada won first runner-up with the rest of the University of the Philippines volleyball team in UAAP 71.

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With his on-track and on-court talents, Isada packs a mean one-two punch!

1. How did you get started with race car driving and volleyball?

I come from a family both already involved in motorsports and volleyball. I grew up watching my dad and rallycars and I always knew that one day I would be a rally champion myself. As for volleyball, even though my whole family were all volleyball players I only learned the sport in my collegiate years. It took me quite some time to actually be competitive in this sport but I managed despite being a late bloomer.

Dad and mom were both part of the UP volleyball champion teams in the late 70’s of the UAAP. That’s were they met.

2. What’s the most memorable moment of your racing and volleyball career?

For rallying it had to be my first championship back in 2003. Four of us were vying for the title which was only a win away for any of us and it all had to come down on the final rally of the 2003 championship. It was my best drive ever despite having to keep up with all the pressure, experienced competitors and it being my very first year also.

Isada in Action (Photo from Ivan Isada)

I had limited playing time in volleyball but I remember having to play for almost the whole game in one of the summer leagues for the training team of my university. I played all out together with a young team. We didn’t win that game but since we all played to our best, it gave us a new respect and trust for everyone of us. That’s one of the best personal volleyball memories I treasure in volleyball. We lost the game but it felt like we won something more than anything else after that game.

3. Of the two, which do you treasure the most?

I’ll always treasure my first ultimate success to a dream I already had ever since I knew that I wanted to be a rally driver. But I could never take the fact away that I could also succeed in a completely different sport with different personalities to jive with. They are two complete different memories to treasure. One I done as an individual and the other with a team.

Photo from Ivan Isada and David Narciso

4. What’s your life-long dream?

My life long dream is to be a world rally champion.

5. If you could be a Glee cast member, whom will you be? And what song will you sing?

I’m not quite familiar with the Glee cast and the songs. I only know that they had an episode of Britney Spears songs and no I’m not singing a Britney song.

6. How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

HIMYM! (Race) suit up!

7. What’s the best pump-up song of all-time?

This is the video/song I always watch before my rally to get pumped up:

8. If you could spend the rest of your days at any place in the world, what place would you choose?

Rally roads of New Zealand… please leave me a rally car with gasoline please.

9. Name three things you just can’t live without.

Cars, internet, watch

10. Fill in the blanks: I’ll run an ultra marathon just to go out with ________.

As of the moment… Jessica Michibata.


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