Some Updates (12 June 2011)

I’ve been out of the training loop the past week, thanks to a troublesome throat infection. Yes, I’ve been guilty of alcohol abuse ever since the PNG. I had much fun alright, but somewhere along the blurred lines of drunk stupor, I longed for the track. I knew for a fact that I am not a party guy. Although I drink booze, at times, I’m at my best when I’m my old spartan self.

Before I knocked some sense into my buzzed head, it was too late. My body was up in arms over the abuse! All throughout last week, I was sidelined by an itchy throat, a clogged nose and a bothersome cough. I had to take leave from work on Friday. I stayed in bed the entire Saturday. Thankfully, I was well enough to head out to the gym this morning to do some light upper body weights, ab exercises and my much delayed hams rehab program.

I rode the stationary bike for a good 15 minutes as my warm-up. After which, I did dead lifts and hamstring curls (on a Swiss ball and on the curl machine). Three weeks after getting injured during the 110m high hurdle race in the PNG, my right hamstrings are in good shape. It’s as good as new, with nary a trace of the trouble.

But then again, it is best to err on the side of caution. In the next two weeks, I’ll undergo a serious rehab program, whilst gradually shifting into GPP mode.


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