Taking a Breather

Despite creaks in my warm-up routine and horrid flaws in my hurdling technique and GPP, the race itself ran satisfactorily, considering the circumstances. More importantly, I didn’t back down from the race. I felt a tad bit apprehensive in the weeks before the PNG, but as the meet drew near, I seemed to have regained a good measure of my psychological toughness. While at the starting line, I felt calm and at ease. I wasn’t nervous or fearful.

Now that I’ve gotten over these first-race-after-more-than-three-years jitters, what’s next?

1.) Craft a bad-ass GPP regimen.

2.) Look for training partners.

3.) Run 15 seconds again!

For now, I’m taking a breather from my hectic routine the past few months. I don’t want to stunt the recovery of my strained hamstrings. Rest, physically and psychologically, is the best option as of the moment.


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