Track Beauty of the Week: Ivet Lalova Ивет Лалова

Ivet Lalova Ивет Лалова is this week’s track beauty!

The Bulgarian sprinter is the ninth fastest woman of all-time in the 100m dash. She had her best ever season in 2004. Barely out of her teens, Lalova ran to lifetime best of 10.77s.

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At the Athens Olympics, the youngster placed a competitive 4th place behind the troika of Yuliya Nesterenko (Юлія Несцярэнка Юлия Нестеренко) (10.93s), Lauryn Williams (10.96s) and Veronica Campbell (10.97s).

She came out of the blocks with guns blazing, leading the pack for the first 60m, before being overtaken in the final 40m by the fast finishing trio.

The Bulgarian also qualified for the 200m dash final, finishing 5th overall with a time of 22.57s.


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Tragedy struck the promising sprinter in 2005. While warming up, Lalova unexpectedly collided with another athlete, breaking her right femur in the process. Lalova was never the same after the incident. Since 2005, she has never gone below the magical 10-second barrier again.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lalova  could only muster a semifinals appearance in the century dash (11.51s) and the quarterfinals in the half-lap (23.15s).

Seven years after the tragic accident, Ivet completed her remarkable comeback by winning the 100m dash title at the European Championships in Helsinki. She clocked a European-leading 11.06s in the preliminary rounds, sending a strong signal that the vintage Lalova is back. In the final, the Bulgarian edged out the fast-starting Olesya Povh of Ukraine, stopping the clock in 11.28s.


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