All Set (14 May 2011)

The problem was purely psychological. In the past few weeks, I had difficulty clearing the senior hurdles. I hesitated. I was scared, considering the fact that it has been more than three years since I last sprinted over the actual 1.067m high barriers. All the pent-up frustration soured my mood and pulled down my confidence level.

I almost reached the breaking point last Wednesday. I couldn’t seem to get my act together. I couldn’t focus. I started to question the very reasons for my comeback. Fortunately, fate found other ways to lift my spirits. I had good nonchalant talks with a college block mate, a couple of high school teammates and a colleague from work. God seemed to take pity in my solitude!

I worked doubly hard to keep my emotions in check and settled for junior hurdles instead. As expected, I breezed through the workout. My technique and physical conditioning are adequate. It was the psychological aspect that spelled trouble.

To stem the bloodletting, I took two days off. I watched Peaceful Warrior again, just to get my wits together. Prior to yesterday’s workout, I was still somewhat apprehensive – and scared. The visualization techniques from the movie did much to calm my nerves. Despite a few botched start attempts, I kept my emotions level.

With my legs well-rested and my mind at peace, I stormed through the workout! For the first time in more than three long years, I had successfully cleared five senior hurdles. The long wait was over. I felt like a true senior hurdler again.

Whilst doing my post-workout stretches, I wanted to shout from the bottom of my lungs an emphatic “hell yeah I’m ready for the Nationals!” But then again, my good manners took hold over such a wild gesture.

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