Track Beauty of the Week: Jana Pittman-Rawlinson

Jana Pittman-Rawlinson is this week’s track beauty!

Pittman-Rawlinson (or simply Pittman, now that she just split from her husband yet again) had a well-publicized quarrel with fellow Australian Tamsyn Lewis a few years back. She’s no stranger to controversy. From her feud with Lewis, relationship troubles, injury problems, speculation on her shifting allegiances and even breast implants, Pittman-Rawlinson has been a lightning rod for attention.


Photos from Wikipedia, and IAAF

Australian media refer to Pittman-Rawlinson as THE drama queen of athletics! In one particular post-Commonwealth Games party in Melbourne, Pittman-Rawlinson was booed by club goers, despite her winning 4 gold medals in the said event. There’s this latent malevolence towards the talented athlete.

Nevertheless, Pittman-Rawlinson’s achievements on the track speak for themselves. She was twice crowned world champion in the 400m low hurdles (2003 and 2007) and a four-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist (two each in the 4x400m relay and 400m hurdles). As a junior, Pittman-Rawlinson notched an impressive 400m-400m hurdles double in the 2000 World Junior Championships.

Since I’m not familiar (and not interested!) at her off-track antics, I’ll best remember Pittman-Rawlinson for her courageous stand at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Despite undergoing knee surgery days before, the Australian hurdler qualified for the final and finished a strong fifth.


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