Point of No Return (27 April 2011)

I was well-rested coming into last night’s hurdles workout in Ultra. Thanks to the Holy Week holidays, my last technical session was two Saturdays ago. Nevertheless, there was noticeable spring in my legs. It was a feeling much different than what I had during the mediocre training sessions a couple of weeks back.

Psychologically, I was in tip-top shape as well. The fact that I’ll be competing in less than a month’s time has sunk in. The point of no return is looming ever so close. The level of fear and nervousness had dramatically subsided. In my eagerness to stage a comeback, I seemed to have forgotten the fundamental reason behind my athletic renaissance. Why do I do it? Because the hurdles are fun!

I must admit that I was a tad bit apprehensive as I lined up to clear senior hurdles. In the past months, rarely have I trained over the 1.067-m high barriers, opting to settle for the lesser heights. True enough, one can perfect the nuances of hurdling whilst clearing lower hurdles. It simplifies things and allows the hurdler to focus on his/her deficiencies. However, I’ve put so much emphasis in the philosophy that I seemed to have forgotten that training over the senior heights has been an important part of my hurdling philosophy.

It felt weird at first. The phobia of my freak hurdling injury five years ago still has faint traces. The source of the latent fear was apparently psychological.

As always, I kept things simple and focused on two important facets: (1) staying low on the approach to the first hurdle and (2) sprinting in-between hurdles. And it felt great! I felt the speed in my three-stride pattern, despite certain technical flaws. I positioned the hurdles at the tail end of the homestretch, so as to simulate the race-ending dive to the tape.

Everything seems to be in place – physically and psychologically. I just need to iron out a few things before I can pronounce myself ready for the Nationals!


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