A month to go before the Philippine National Games, I am scared shit-less. You read that right. This is an admission of fear. Never since my high school days have I been this afraid before a hurdles race. In my college days, I was dauntless in the face of gargantuan pressure. I used to relish the challenge.

The main reason for this is my lack of preparation over senior hurdles. Yes, I’ve trained over junior hurdles the past few months. Some coaches espouse training over junior hurdles and ONLY clearing senior hurdles during competition. I do realize the wisdom of such an approach, but in the years past I’ve grown accustomed to both the junior and senior hurdles.

I know for a fact that I still have it in me. This is just a major crisis of confidence getting into my nerves. In due time, I shall get my act together. For now, it feels great to admit this fear and tell myself what I’ve been struggling to hide all this time.

Laban lang!


2 responses to “Scared

  1. Running Consiglieri April 25, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Agree with you 100%. Laban lang! AMDG! Good luck man.

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