Rebound (11 April 2011)

I slept for a good 7 hours the night before. My legs felt well-rested! However, there were ominous signs. While at the hospital visiting my dad (he’s halfway in his chemotherapy), I learned from Twitter that a huge fire had gutted the slums near my place. It was tragic, with hundreds of destitute families left homeless. Traffic was heavy as fire trucks from all over the Metro scampered to put out the blaze.

I was supposed to head straight to Moro as soon as I got home from the hospital. However, we had to carry our old refrigerator into my dad’s Elf truck (for transportation to Quezon province!). I was delayed yet again! The training window narrowed to a little more than one hour.

But still, I soldiered on! Juggling work, training and other commitments the past year, I’ve become well-versed in the art of quick workouts. Hell, I was dead set on redemption. Last Saturday’s session was just way too crappy. I did a few starts and intense, all-out sprints. I was satisfied at my leg speed. I was a little tense throughout the sprinting motion though, perhaps due to my eagerness to eke out one helluva great workout.

At the end of the short session, I still had quite a lot in my tank. Even if I wanted to push on for another hour, Moro’s closing time was fast approaching.


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