Cut Loss (9 April 2011)

There’s this term in securities trading called “cut loss.” Simply put, cutting your losses means selling a particular losing position. It ends the blood-letting potentially bigger losses and enables the trader and the institution to absorb the trading loss outright – to start anew with a clean slate.

Last Saturday, I did just that in my hurdles session in Rizal.

I couldn’t seem to find the speed in my legs. I was having a hard time maintaining good form over the hurdles and in-between the barriers. At first, I wanted to blame the bunch of joggers loitering around the 50m mark. They were distracting, all right, but I know for a fact that it takes so much more to put me out of my hurdling groove (hell, I train in Ultra at night, where joggers literally crowd the track). I had to clear youth hurdles again, just to enable my body go through the motions. But still, something felt horribly wrong.

I sat on the moist track, just to compose my thoughts. I did n0t have the luxury of time. I had a seminar for work scheduled on 8:00 AM (I got to Rizal at around 6:30 AM). Soldiering on will be counterproductive, I told myself. Moreover, I was feeling a sharp pain in my right calf. My ego wanted to push through, of course. I’m not the type to shirk from a challenge.

But then again, I’ve been through the same situation before. The best move is to cut one’s losses, to retreat and fight again another day! I’ve put a tremendous toll on my body the past week as I juggled training with commitments at work. A botched training session was the price I had to pay.

I rued the missed training opportunity well into the remainder of my weekend. I felt the frustration seep into my very bones. I shut out my ears to the screams of my overwrought head. I rested the entire Sunday, opting to skip my gym and plyo’s workout.

2 responses to “Cut Loss (9 April 2011)

  1. Ivan I. April 12, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    Ok lang yan, ayon nga sa aking coach… di ka naman mamatay sa isang training day na nawala mo. Well, actually he was pertaining to the 2 plate serving of rice I was eating the other night. I got out of control with my diet. Haha!

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