Track Beauty of the Week: Delilah DiCrescenzo

Delilah DiCrescenzo is this week’s track beauty!

Yes, she’s the Delilah behind the famous Plain White T’s song. Tom Higgenson, the lead vocalist of the band, wrote the song for the steeplechase runner back in 2002. Sadly, nothing happened between the two, as opposed to what the song portrays (Higgenson took DiCrescenzo to the Grammy’s though).

Read more about “Hey There Delilah”

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Back in 2008, Delilah was aiming to compete in the Beijing Olympics. She was a top-level U.S. steeplechaser, placing 6th at the 2006 U.S. Outdoor Championships.

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The top 3 eluded DiCrescenzo at the competitive U.S. Olympic Trials. 2009 was a lot better for Delilah, having made the shift from the track to cross country running. DiCrescenzo competed at the 2009 IAAF World Cross Country Championships, the most illustrious competition in her resume.


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