I support A Liter of Light!

In light of my nocturnal training habits, I’ve developed a renewed appreciation of artificial lighting. Without the floodlights in Ultra, I will be hard-pressed to squeeze quality hurdle workouts during weekdays. I’m very fortunate to have been raised in a comfortable middle class household. Aside from the occasional nation-wide blackouts, I’ve taken for granted what many of my fellow countrymen deem a luxury.

Illac Diaz’* new advocacy, A Liter of Light, aims to provide households with “an ecologically- and economically-sustainable source of light.”

Learn more about A Liter of Light

The innovative “Solar Light Bulb” is made from the ubiquitous one liter soft drink bottle. Using a mixture of water and chemicals pioneered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Students (MIT) and solar energy, the Solar Light Bulb provides a cost-effective alternative to the rising costs of conventional energy sources.

*Illac Diaz is a legend in high school track & field. His junior UAAP records in the javelin, long jump and 400m dash still stand after two long decades.

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