Starts (28 March 2011)

I must admit that I was feeling quite frustrated last Saturday. Because of the heat, I could hardly sprint, much less sprint explosively. Since I only get to train in Rizal once a week, I naturally felt bad at my inability to churn out a dashing performance. I had to modify my workout just to enable my tired self to get through the day.

Last night’s sprinting workout in Moro started slowly. I had flashbacks of last Saturday’s frustrating circumstances. I wanted to go home and rest my tired legs (my right hamstring felt tight). After a few good warm-up sprints, I was able to shrug off the urge to simply cut the workout short. It was a minor victory in itself.

It helped that the Philippines’ SEA Games basketball squad trained in Moro. I had a field day gawking at the skills of collegiate stars like RR Garcia and Nico Salva. Things could have been much better if there were a few pretty females around!

Once the tightness in my hams went away, I was able to focus on my starts. I kept things simple, since the basic technique has been solidly ingrained the past few years. I thought of only one thing – the quick first step, the massive explosion from rest to all-out speed. This is the first honest-to-goodness starts session I had this year; hence, I expect to improve much in the coming months.

My starting technique is the most glaring gap in my hurdling. In light of my limited time to train nowadays, I need every advantage I can get!


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