Extreme Conditions (26 March 2011)

Yesterday morning, I went to Rizal for my customary weekend hurdle workout. Instead of the usual afternoon session, I joined pole vaulters Jerome Margallo and Tonio Ching in Rizal at 8:00 AM. I’ve forgotten how hot the Manila sun can be without adequate shade. Being the night owl that I am, naturally I wilted. Back in the day, I was an all-weather kind-of-guy (I can compete and train under extreme conditions!).

The stadium was a lot crowded than usual. A small group of DLSU tracksters were at the tail-end of their workout. On the far side of the track, Amir Khan himself was in the midst of an intense conditioning session. Also, there were the occasional tennis players competing in the ongoing Mitsubishi Lancer Junior Tennis competition. Being surrounded by gym habitues and running enthusiasts all week long, I found the company of elite athletes personally inspiring!

I cannot recall the last time I trained under such harsh conditions. The sky was almost cloudless as the sun shone mercilessly. I looked with a certain sense of awe at the exuberant kids doing sprint workouts with nary a whimper. I was at the tail-end of my endurance. I wanted to hit the shower, pack my things and head straight to McDonald’s for my recovery meal! With two months to go before the meet, there was no time for such non-sense.

So I soldiered on, resting in the cool dugout in between reps. It wasn’t the best of workouts, with the heat sapping most of my juice. Hence, I was careful not to transcend the limits of my body. Nevertheless, it was an eyeopener – a reminder that I should be ready for all kinds of conditions come competition time. At the end of the customary post-hurdle workout sprints, I felt so fulfilled. Despite my unwanted bout with the harsh mid-morning sun, I was on schedule.


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