Jorge Arce vs. Hussein Hussein: Attrition

Obviously, I’m not as big as a boxing fan as I am a track & field addict. Outside of Manny Pacquiao, Gerry Penalosa and other Filipino fighters, I find it a chore to watch boxing matches to the finish – despite my deep respect for prizefighters.

Jorge Arce is an exception. He fights with so much heart and displays just the right amount of off-ring flamboyance (I love his cowboy entrance). A few moments ago, I caught a replay of Arce’s first fight with Australian Hussein “Hussy” Hussein. It was like watching a live action version of Hajime No Ippo, without the dramatic voice overs. It was a no-holds barred battle of attrition, with both fighters slugging it out for most of the fight.

By the middle rounds, Arce sustained a mean cut on the bridge of his nose. But he still soldiered on, throwing punches seemingly at will. Hussein was a tad bit less intense, and appeared to buckle after some solid hits from the Mexican. In the 10th round, Arce clipped Hussein with a looping left, causing the latter hit the ropes and bring up his guard. Hussein seemed to have recovered from the blow before Arce again cornered the Australian in the dying seconds of the 10th round. A flurry of punches felled the hapless Hussein as his corner stopped the fight.

At the end of the bout, Arce’s face was a bloodied mess. And yet, you can see the satisfaction in his face. To be able to taste victory after such an herculean effort, truly, is rewarding.


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