Confidence (24 March 2011)

My competition-less 2010 season was marked by a lack of self-confidence. This wasn’t always the case. In college, I’ve always had a firm belief in my abilities, backed up by much hard work. My two-year hiatus seemed to have sapped that well-spring of positivity. All of a sudden, the hurdles (especially the 1.067m high barriers) seemed so daunting.

I had to start from scratch. I remember my first ever three-step session. Instead of clearing the actual IAAF-regulation barriers, I settled for step hurdles, just to get my rhythm going. There and then, I realized the gargantuan amount of work thrown in front of me. In time, I recovered a good chunk of hurdling ability.

I did my first 3-step workout last night. I opted to keep things simple, after the customary hurdle drills and 5-step warm-up. I started at a high hurdling proficiency level this season. I had little difficulty negotiating over the junior hurdles. But still, I had to err at the side of caution, opting to clear youth hurdles just to emphasize speed and quickness. After all, I’m still easing into hurdling mode.

My rhythm was a bit off. In the seven reps I did last night, I bungled two. Unsurprisingly, I felt that my speed in between hurdles was lacking. I didn’t push the envelope though, wanting to save my legs for Saturday’s Rizal training. At the rate I’m going, I’ll progress to clearing junior hurdles in less than a week’s time – then to senior hurdles in a couple of weeks.

I’m quite sure that my rhythm and speed are bound to reach competitive levels in due time. What’s important is that I’m no longer fearful in front of the hurdles; I am bristling with confidence.


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