Thursday Night Lights (17 March 2011)

I had another great training session last night in Ultra. I’m in my second week of hurdles training, so I kept things simple, opting to focus more on the finer points of my hurdling. In the first week, I worked out over youth hurdles, before progressing to junior hurdles (0.99m) last night. I’m a much better hurdler this season than in 2010. Gone are the rustiness that have accumulated in my two-year retirement. I’ll gradually progress from the slow, five-step pattern to full-speed hurdling in the coming weeks.

As always, a sizable contingent of joggers were present; hence, I had to be extra careful whilst doing my hurdling and sprinting reps, so as to avoid hitting my fellow track oval habitues. In my immediate athletics circle, I can sense a latent animosity towards the recreational running crowd.  I feel no such rancor towards the joggers. As I’ve said in earlier posts, the running boom played a significant part in my athletics comeback.

There was a running group from the forum doing their laps and interval work. It’s a good sign of bigger things to come. Road running, after all, is just one facet of the much bigger athletics scene. In a few years’ time, perhaps honest-to-goodness athletics clubs will take root in the Philippines!

I found the crisp night-time air particularly energizing. Those Thursday nights in Ultra are (probably) the closest I’ll ever get to competing at night, so I make the most out of it (thank you to the ever-so-diligent Ultimate Frisbee crowd for the lights!).

Seeing familiar faces also assuaged the boredom bound to build-up in my Han Solo training routine. In the course of my three-hour training session, I bumped into Nelvin (track teammate from college and high school) and Derek (my high school and college batch mate). The fact that I train in four different venues (Moro and Ultra during weekdays, Rizal on weekends and Celeb for weight training sessions) does much in providing timely changes of scenery.

I remember a time last year when my confidence were at record lows. The task of completing a standard 110m high hurdle race seemed so far-flung. I felt no such self-doubt last night.


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