Last Tuesday was a brutal wake-up call. The night before, I had an outstanding gym and plyo’s session. But as always, the lack of sleep prevented full recovery. I slept for a mere 4 hours after the intense workout. When I woke up, my head was spinning. My legs were still sore from the punishment it took last night.

In the past, I would have shrugged off these signals, opting to continue upon my regular training routine despite being sleep deprived. Juggling work and training has made me realize the most fundamental tenet of physical fitness – that recovery is just as important as training. From experience, I figured that my bare minimum sleeping time is around 5 hours and 30 minutes (I read an enlightening article from the BBC debunking the Victorian Age tenet of having 8 hours of sleep as a one-size-fits-all approach). If I can sleep 8 hours, I would.

I decided to cut down the number of training days during the work week. The ideal number of training days a week is still 5. But I’d gladly settle for four days, should I feel the need to do so, opting to load up on the workout during the two-day weekend by training twice-a-day.

My intense passion for the sport sometimes overshadows logical thinking. Having a full-time job whilst reaching for my life-long dreams have been a fruitfully cathartic, albeit arduous experience.


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