Shifting Gears

Despite the losing season and the 52-point blowout yesterday, a big part of me is relieved that basketball season is over. Now, I can channel all of my energies into this May’s Nationals. For sure, I’ll be missing the regular basketball games with my friends. They’re the closest I have to teammates. With the end of our ABL season, I’ll be practically alone again.

I haven’t really sat down and written a well-crafted, meticulous training program. As of now, I’m just relying on the basic GPP, SPP, Pre-competition and Competition phase framework. I’m still driven primarily by gut feel and what little sports science I’ve learned in the years past. I need a coach. I have several figures in mind. I have a tight budget and an equally tight schedule, I just hope that things will work out in time for Nationals. Finding a training group is an even harder task since most of my former teammates are now long-since retired.

Whatever happens, I’m dead set on competing this May. I’ll be taking part in two events, the high’s of course, and the 100m dash, just to gauge my flat out sprinting ability. Consistency is key as I start my hurdles training. The fact that I’ve dusted off the cobwebs of retirement is a good thing. At least now, I won’t be starting from zero.


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