ABL 2011 Game 6: Massacre (6 March 2011)

As the fourth quarter started, the team slowly walked to the hard court, seemingly wanting the bleeding to stop. But there is no mercy rule in basketball. Regardless of how large the lead, the game continues until the final buzzer. As soon as the final whistle sounded, I felt relieved. Finally, we can move on and put this 52-point shellacking behind us.

What the hell happened? A mere two years ago, we had a dream run to Andres Narvasa Division Championship. Despite parading an all-D2003 lineup, we held our own against the rest of the teams. This morning’s game was lowest of lows – statistically – for the team. We were outplayed, outclassed and overpowered. Without a doubt, Xavier 00-01 was the superior unit. Their cohesive lineup was composed of former standouts of Xavier School’s A-team. All throughout the game, we were bullied under the paint by their experienced bruisers. The absence of main man Ryan Agas and the shifty Paolo Rosales exacerbated our woes. Merrill Lazo’s hamstring injury limited the talented guard’s minutes.

We started decently enough. By the first quarter’s halfway point, the opposing team’s lead was a manageable 7-points. However, our faulty offense screeched to a standstill. The lead ballooned to double digits by the second quarter. Yayo Puno’s brave forays into the paint and Adi Dimaliwat’s 3-point sniping chipped the deficit to as low as 9 points by the 3rd quarter.

Until the artillery barrage started.

For the remainder of the game, we were rendered shell shocked by the hail of accurate three’s. We had no answer to their deadly outside shooting. The opposing team steamrolled into the token resistance we provided. They were unstoppable, from beyond the arc and inside the paint.

It’s ironic to note that I played my best game of the season in our worst-ever loss. As a competitor and as a team player, I cannot find solace in personal statistical achievements. The bottom line of basketball is to work as a team to get the “W.”

The season may be lost, but there’s a silver lining believe it or not. I know for a fact that, somehow, we’ll take this massive loss to heart and learn from it. It’s a wake-up call for the team to up the ante.


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