Great [Han Solo] Workout! (2 March 2011)

I had the worst of training sessions last Sunday (27 Feb).  I felt so sapped even at the warm-up. I scrapped the plyo’s workout and went straight into sprints. My Han Solo training routine had gotten into my head yet again. Times like these have been increasing in frequency. It takes quite a lot of willpower to shrug off the urge to simply go home and chill!

Fortunately, I felt no such external pangs during last Wednesday night’s workout. The fact that I was trying my new Adidas tights infused a new sense of wonder (yeah, call me shallow, but having new training stuff increases my competitive drive!). I was also well-rested; my legs were aching to sprint. Since I’m at the tail-end of GPP and just starting SPP, I haven’t been wearing my sprinting spikes, settling for my pair of running shoes. Since I don’t have training buddies, I easily get carried away, opting to scrap the designated pace for a more intense sprint.

I did the customary warm-up, dynamic stretches and running drills. And boy, did I feel supple. I am 100% healthy, with absolutely no pain or niggles in my legs. For my interval workout, I ran 2x4x50m, resting a mere 25m in between reps.  I hardly felt that I was sprinting on friggin’ running shoes and on a hard, regupol indoor track. I didn’t even miss my sprinting spikes as I powered down the track with each sprint. I might have gone over the designated 85% sprinting effort a few times, but hey, I’m entitled to speeding once in a while!

At the end of it all, I felt psyched! I was sweating profusely, breathing quite heavily. If I had teammates, I would have shouted a mean “great workout!” and pumped my fist, lifted up by the adrenaline high!

Although I prefer having a training group, working out by myself has its benefits. The training sessions are great moments for self-examination. Various thoughts keep racing on the field of my poignant mind. Despite the lazy urges, a firm re-affirmation of purpose follows.


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