Squats on Swiss Ball!

I’ve always been fascinated by the good ole humble Swiss Ball. It’s a relatively cheap piece of fitness equipment (I shelled out around Php 500 for a medium-sized ball), that offers a wide range of exercises. In the years past, I’ve had much experience with the bare basics such as bridges, torso twists and pikes. A few years back, I was audacious enough to do relatively heavy upper body dumbbell exercises on the Swiss Ball. Luckily, I was warned off by my strength coach since the ball can only handle a particular amount of weight! In vain, I attempted to master doing bridges on two balls – one on my hands and the other on my feet.

All my efforts were for naught, since my core wasn’t strong enough for such an advanced exercise!

Whilst browsing Youtube moments ago, I stumbled upon the following clip from Sweden.

I was impressed by the guy, Ako Rahim, and the way he did squats on those damned unstable “pilatesboll,” as the Swedes call it.

I won’t go to the actual exercise just yet. I’ll settle for an easier variation (by holding on to the dips rack first!) before progressing to the full bad-ass routine!

Video credit:


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