Core Strength

During last year’s competition-less season, I noticed a glaring deficiency in my core strength, which translates into bad sprinting form. In my college days, I’ve always been a stickler for proper technique. Since the foundation of perfect technique lies in the capabilities of one’s body, I couldn’t translate what I’ve learned in the years past into decent sprinting. I wobbled from side-to-side (much like Christophe Lemaitre, but much less fast!). My right arm swung in an awkward looping manner, in contrast to the relaxed upward/downward motion of my left.

Early this season, I made it a point to build my core strength. Instead of slacking off, I went the extra mile with resisted bridges, bridges on Swiss Balls and various exercises. It was an oft-painful, tiring routine, but I kept in mind my goals for the season. The fact that I train alone makes it a lot boring!

After a month and a half of following a no-nonsense core routine, the benefits in my sprinting became evident. For the first time since my college days, I actually felt a stable center-of-gravity whilst sprinting. I was also a lot mindful of my errant right arm. And it felt great!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be mixing and matching various routines to spice up my core workouts. I can hardly wait to don my sprinting spikes again.


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