Balancing Act (23 February 2011)

I left the office at precisely 5:00 PM yesterday. I caught the rush hour MRT surprisingly early. I arrived at the Trinoma station by 6:15 PM. The drive to Ateneo took just 30 minutes, due to the relatively light traffic. I was amazed at how the uncontrolled forces of Manila traffic cooperated in what was supposed to be a hectic night of training. I missed out on two consecutive days of training due to lack of sleep.

Yesterday, I wanted to try something new (for my work night routine) by combining a track workout with a quick gym session – all in one night. This might not be much for full-time athletes or student-athletes even, but for a passionate sprint hurdler with a friggin’ day job, this is a major innovation!

Since I lift weights at a friggin’ fitness gym, wide open spaces for sprints and plyo’s are impossible to find in the venue. And because I’m too stingy to cough out additional cash for a gym membership in my old collegiate training base in Ateneo, I have to make do with the fitness gym. But then again, the Celebrity Club and Ateneo are just a few minutes’ drive from each other – if traffic cooperates!

I did running drills and sprints for around 40 minutes at the Moro indoor track. I loved the feeling of actually sprinting on a running track (instead of making do with the roads near my home). I was at the gym by 8:00 PM, after a surprisingly hassle free 12-minute drive. Not wanting to stay up too late, I cut short the gym workout by 9:15 PM.

It was somewhat proud of my juggling act at the end of it all. Since I got home a little past 10:00 PM, it took quite some time for body to fully digest the recovery meal, and to shed off the effects of a potent endorphin high. Hence, I slept at around 1:00 AM and woke up around 5 hours later, two hours less than the bare minimum!

This is a work in progress. I’d have to take care of my recovery if I’m to find some measure of success in this balancing act.


2 responses to “Balancing Act (23 February 2011)

  1. Running Consiglieri March 4, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    This is some blog you’ve got going here! It’s nice to read about track workouts of real runners – a good respite from the race reports on “fun runs” that normally flood the blogging scene.

    I sometimes do my quality (by my standards LOL) workouts at Moro. An indoor track could come in handy in the middle of the day or when it’s raining. By the way, I’m an alumnus too. AGS ’87. Good luck with your training man. I’ll monintor your progress and hope to cheer you on in the May national finals.

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