Cochulito zapped by Filipino Flash

It was over in a flash.

The savvy, shifty Nonito Donaire landed a solid left on the Mexican WBC/WBO bantamweight champion in the second round. The Filipino Flash was methodically efficient in the short, abbreviated fight. He displayed composure in the first round, in typical Donaire fashion, as he sized up Fernando Montiel. The US-raised Filipino boxer connected with a left hook in the first round, rocking Montiel – who had never been knocked out in a championship bout until now.

Barely three minutes into the second round, Donaire shocked the predominantly Mexican crowd. In a move reminiscent of the infamous Vic Darchinyan Վախթանգ Դարչինյան knockout, Donaire countered Montiel’s right with a crushing left to the latter’s head.

Montiel fell to the mat and threw his arms up, as the fallen champion jerked involuntarily. True to his nickname, “Cochulito,” the proud Mexican did the chicken dance as he barely made the count. The 31-year old valiantly attempted to soldier on, but the referee stopped the bout as Montiel proved defenseless against the Donaire onslaught.

Donaire was gracious in victory, respectfully going to Montiel’s corner after the bout. There were no brazen displays of machismo. The two fighters, according to the commentary, are good friends off the ring.

Familial conflicts aside (not to mention Dyan Castillejo and Ronnie Nathanielz’s less-than-stellar commentary), it was a highly entertaining match for the knockout hungry Filipino sports fan.


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