A Dead Heat!

Something remarkable happened at the Russian Indoor Championships. Yevgeniy Borisov Евгений Борисов and Konstantin Shabanov Константин Шабанов both timed 7.63s in the 60m hurdles. According to an EAA report, the “judges could not split” Borisov, the 2010 World Indoor Bronze medalist, and Shabanov. Sprinting events are usually won in hundredths of second. In the aforesaid case, not even a thousandth (or ten-thousandth!) of a second could determine the winner!

Borisov (in orange) and Shabanov (in blue) are both crowned Russian Indoor Champions (Photos from Athletics Russia)

This is a peculiarly unique case! In the years I’ve spent devouring all things athletics, this is the first time I’ve encountered a dead heat in the sprints – in the Russian national indoor championships at that. Truly, this is a win-win situation!

I’ll try to scour the net for a video clip of the race.


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