One Hundred Days

Training has been intermittent the past two weeks. I had to make revisions to my 2011 program. Moreover, a bad cold hampered my preparations for the May national championships. And to be honest, I felt lazy. That’s right – plain lazy. One of the pitfalls of training solo is that one can cut short a workout session (or cut it all together). I have no coach to set direction. I have no training group whose schedules I have to consider. It’s a journey one makes alone.

I’m proud to say that I’ve regained the momentum. An honest-to-goodness training framework has also been set. It’s crude, it’s still a work in progress. Nevertheless, it feels great to be back doing what I love.

In the past days, I underwent a combination of hills training, GPP weights and good old fashioned basketball conditioning. My body felt sore on Sunday – a sensation I’ve sorely (pun-intended!) missed!

The Christmas break had done wonders for my outlook. I’m a lot disciplined now. I’ve drastically cut down on the late nights and the booze. I make it a point not to deprive myself of much-needed sleep. In the course of chasing one’s passion, we sometimes neglect our physical well-being.

I have a hundred days to train for the National Open. I’ll strive to make each day count.


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