Back (10 January 2011)

As I’ve said before, I don’t fit well with home workouts. Perhaps it’s the temptation of just taking it easy that ruins the training mood. For a person who trains alone, my disposition is of utmost importance since it’s this intrinsic drive that fuels me on!

Last night, however, I decided to simply stay home, in light of the simple nature of my workout. In the coming two weeks, I’ll be doing 1.6km to 2.0km runs just to build up a stable fitness base. A renewed focus on drills and core strength is the emphasis. I’ll be keeping the plyometric exercises simple at this early stage, whilst gradually transitioning into circuit weights as soon as I’m done with my vanity weights routine!

As always, the main hindrance to training is my lack of time. As much as I’d want to turn professional, I know for a fact that my athletic capability is grossly inadequate. I must make do with what I have. More importantly, there’s a far more bigger hurdle ahead – a barrier that my family and I are hoping to clear.

My competition-less 2010 season still irks me somewhat. But hey, at least I’m back. In a sense, the 10 months I spent training for a meet that didn’t materialize can be likened to an excruciatingly long base training phase.

I am beginning 2011 on a relatively higher base – physically and mentally – than the previous year. It’s important to stay focused this time, not to take my eyes off what’s important.


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