Track Beauty of the Week: Paraskevi Papachristou (Voula Papachristou Παρασκευή Παπαχρήστου)

Paraskevi Papachristou (Voula Papachristou Παρασκευή Παπαχρήστου) is this week’s Track Beauty!

The 21-year old triple jumper is the upcoming Greek ace in the event, the heir apparent to double Olympic medalist Chrysopigi Devetzi Χρυσοπηγή Δεβετζή. As a junior, Papahristou once got bronze at the 2008 World Junior Championships in Beijing. A year later, she set a personal best at the European Indoor Championships, leaping 14.47m to qualify for the finals.

Photos from Agenca Gazeta and Zimbio/Getty Images

As a 20-year old, the statuesque triple jumper won gold at the 2009 European U-23 Championships. In a stunning display of talent, Papahristou needed only one jump to register the competition-ending mark. She leaped 14.35m in the first round.

Photo from

However, Papahristou wasn’t able to build upon her 2009 momentum. Her 2010 season was forgettable, notching season’s best jumps of 13.85m (outdoors) and 13.94m (indoors), way below her standards.

The Greek defended her European U-23 crown in Ostrava, notching a 14.40m mark in her very first leap in the final.

Papachristou made only two valid jumps (1st and 4th). She fouled in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and opted not to take her last two attempts, with the gold medal in the bag. Paraskevi was so dominant that her 4th round leap of 13.98m was still good enough for first place. The Greek was the only jumper who went beyond fourteen meters.


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    Over reaction anyone. She said the mosquitoes would have a homemade meal, meaning people of the west Nile, as in west Nile virus. This is not racial only geographical. Yes it was in bad taste as people still die from the West Nile virus but it shows how sensitivity trumps everything, including the truth, comedy, free speech, and common sense reactions. Screw political correctness if it means having to stifle free speech, and meaningful dialogue. If anything she should have been allowed to apologize and get on with her life.

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