Track Beauty of the Week: Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke is this week’s track beauty!

Ever since I started this feature a few months back, I’ve been hesitant to include Stokke. Her aversion to the unwanted attention she has received the past few years is a major factor. After all, Stokke was barely out of high school when her popularity shot up to stratospheric heights, thanks to the internet and her good looks, to say the least.

Photo from Avinash Kunnath

In the deluge of unwarranted, paparazzi-like attention, Stokke has apparently suffered the stresses of the public eye. It came to the point where her dad even scoured the net for potential malfeasance. For any other person, such intrusions result into adverse circumstances – especially for her pole vaulting.

Stokke, by any standards, is a pole vaulting prodigy. As a 15-year old, Stokke broke several California age-group records. A year later, a broken tibia hampered her progress. In time, the Californian recovered from the pangs of injury. As a high school senior, Stokke notched a new personal best of 4.14m.

Read the Zimbio article on Allison Stokke

According to an article by Zimbio, Stokke has decided to attend the University of California, after receiving offers from Harvard and Stanford. In 2009, Stokke improved upon her personal best by leaping over 4.21m.

Her unwanted popularity has died down considerably the past few years, perhaps allowing Stokke to live a life or relative normalcy.  After all, the internet is one fickle fellow.

She’ll be 23-years old by the 2012 London Olympics – the perfect time and place to show the world that Allison Stokke is more than just a pretty face.


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