New Blogs!

The most popular entries in this blog are the Track Beauty of the Week posts. I was actually tempted to migrate all my stuff to my own domain name (I was too lazy and cheap to do this) or to blogspot (again, too lazy). The most practical thing to do is to start an entirely new blog dedicated to the beauties of (non-track & field) sports.

Mind you, I shall not churn out tasteless posts. Women are excellent athletes. Superb Señora is my own little way of doing my part in honoring the fine female athletes out there – and to earn some ad revenues as well!

Click here to go to Superb Señora

Also, I started a personal blog to showcase my non-track (and non-Sports Beauty!) posts. Again, I chose blogspot for its seamless integration with Google AdSense. I will post the most serious to the most mundane thoughts in Jrnquintos.

Click here to view my new personal blog

I am not shutting down this blog though. In fact, the aforesaid moves enables hurdler49 to stay on-topic.


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