Track Beauty of the Week: Lisa Urech

Lisa Urech is this week’s track beauty!

The 21-year old is Switzerland’s top sprint hurdler. She has personal bests of 12.81s in the 100m hurdles and 8.00s in the 60m hurdles. Most recently, Urech qualified for the finals of the highly competitive 2010 Barcelona European Championships, where she finished 7th overall. She stopped the clock at 13.02s.

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In about a month’s time after the Euro’s, she ran a lifetime best of 12.81s in Zurich. Urech is just five-hundredths of a second off the Swiss national record, held by Julie Baumann (12.76s, 1991).

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Remarkably, Urech’s breakout 2010 season started on a low note, with the Emmental-born athlete breaking her collarbone at the start of the year! Indeed, this shows that Urech is made of stern stuff.

Urech had improved dramatically since competing at the 2008 World Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz (13.72s. In 2009, the stately Swiss – then only 20-years old – notched a new personal best against seasoned senior opponents (13.36s). It is impressive to note that Urech broke the 13-second barrier barely two years since running in the high 13’s as a junior.

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Should she correct some technical flaws in her form, Urech has much potential to barge into the top ranks of European hurdling.

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