Thoughts before the ABL Season

The time of the year where I trade my track spikes for high-cut basketball shoes is near. In about three week’s time, the Ateneo Basketball League will commence. About a hundred teams – alumni and current Ateneo students alike – will do battle. The league is a showcase of what it means to be weekend warriors. From college students at the prime of their lives, to pot-bellied middle aged men, Ateneo alumni patronize this yearly sporting event.

This will be my third time to join the ABL. For the 4th time, my high school class D2003 have formed a team. After last season’s debacle, where the team failed to even barge into the semifinals of the division, there is much hope (and longing) for a more fruitful 2011 campaign. But then again, our ace point guard, former Blue Eaglet Merrill Lazo, is still recuperating from a knee injury. Ryan Agas, another former Blue Eaglets standout, is in the midst of medical school; hence, unable to take part in most weekend games. Fortunately for the team, the presence of inside bruiser Gino Magat is sure to lift our game.

I, for one, have only two goals this season – (1) to grab 20 rebounds in one game and (2) for the team to regain the championship.

It won’t be easy. The team was placed in the midst of a competitive division. But then again, life isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park. The challenge, the struggle and the uphill climb forms makes victory even sweeter!


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