Equipment Wish List

I’ve long since stopped believing in Santa Claus. Nevertheless, I have a special Christmas athletics equipment wish-list for St. Nicholas – just because it’s the yuletide season.

1.) Olympic-standard starting blocks (preferably Nordic or Nishi):

In the past months, the only chances I had of using the blocks was when my former college track team was at my training venue. I need this vital sprinting equipment to hone my deficient crouch start technique.

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And perhaps, having an own personal set of starting blocks can do wonders for my technique.

2.) Resistance training sled:

Looking back at last season’s so-called dry run, I never worked out with the venerable sled. It has long since been a part of my college training repertoire. You can’t get any more sports-specific than sprinting with twenty-five pounds of iron in tow!

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In order of preference, a weight vest and a running parachute are also viable alternatives.

3.) Plyometric boxes:

For the longest time, I made do with the uber-low plyometric boxes in the Celebrity Club Gym. In order to achieve taller heights, I stacked aerobic boxes underneath the solitary wooden box. These innovations were grossly inadequate. To achieve a holistic plyometric training routine, wooden boxes of varying heights are a necessity!

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