The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

I was supposed to compete for the first (and last) time this season last Saturday. But the organizers of the PATAFA Weekly Relays had other plans – presumably Christmas vacation related. When I received the text from a former teammate, I was in disbelief. For the nth time, my long-delayed comeback has been put on hold.

The original schedule involved competing in the National Open last May but I busted my hamstring a month before the race. In the succeeding months, I wandered aimlessly, training for no meet in particular (with the fate of the PATAFA Weekly Relays in limbo). I was supposed to wind down my athletics training by October to rest and prepare for the ABL Season.

The sudden news of the resumption of the aforesaid competition again necessitated a change in plan. I crafted out a program designed to whip me in shape And boy, did I progress dramatically. In a short one month period, I recovered a good chunk of my lost hurdling skills. With the PATAFA Weekly Relays barely two months away, I dusted off the cobwebs of my retirement. I began to re-learn the three-step stride pattern at the latter parts of September. I remember starting with step hurdles and women’s low hurdles at first! In a month’s time, however, I was able to sprint over the junior hurdles again.

But then again, fate had other plans. My dad went under the knife because of the Big C. My training routine was disrupted. I spent more time in hospitals than on the track. In vain, I tried to hold on to the last vestiges of competition sharpness, sneaking in workouts as often as possible.

Competing in the sprint hurdles was out of the question. But I almost pulled off a sprinting comeback – if not for the sudden cancellation.

I started the bizarre, competition-less 2010 season last February 2010. At that time, the fires of my athletics passion were fanned by a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. In the past months, I found myself hot on the comeback trail – lifting weights, bounding, sprinting and hurdling – doing things I thought I had forever lost.

Regardless of the anti-climactic outcome, I look back at the past 10 months with a certain sense of awe. As I move on in life, I have rediscovered a vital part of who I am. By embracing my past I can say that (quoting the lines of a popular 80’s song) the “future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”


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