Azkals end glorious AFF Suzuki Cup run

The Azkals lose to the Merah Putih, 0-1.

Cristian Gonzales’ accurate shot at the 43rd minute spelled the difference between victory and defeat. The Uruguayan-born striker made the stellar shot after several tantalizingly close attempts. The Philippines’ prolific goalkeeper, Neil Etheridge, did the best he could to stop the powerful volley from hitting the back of the net.

To quote the words of a college friend and football fan, RJ Jalijali, even Iker Casillas couldn’t stop that shot.

Photo from AFF Suzuki Cup

All game long, the Indonesians had more chances at goal. The Philippine defense was relatively more porous this time, with the Indonesians having quite a few close shaves. A combination of sheer luck and superb goal keeping kept the deficit from growing any further.

We had our chances though. Chris Greatwich, who owns 2 of the Philippines’ 3 goals this tournament, had a couple of missed opportunities. The New Jersey-based striker almost equalized with a header that landed on top of the net.

Nevertheless, it was a great run for the Azkals. Let’s just hope that all these new-found attention showered upon our national football team will not turn out to be mere flashes in the pan.

The magnificent Azkals run had piqued my interest on the beautiful game. I am still not a football fan though. I probably never will be. But I am definitely watching the next Azkals game aired on TV (whenever that is) – for flag and country.

There are just some things that transcend personal preferences.

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5 responses to “Azkals end glorious AFF Suzuki Cup run

  1. pinoyhalfmiler December 20, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    congratulations to the Azkals! Major major breakthroough in the last 4 decades for RP football! Can’t wait for next years’ SEA Games!

  2. filipinaathome December 21, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    I like this post. Football may be alien to the majority of Filipinos now but with the Azkals’ latest achievements, it looks like things are bound to change very soon.

    One thing’s for sure, football fan or not, Filipinos can’t help but love anything or anyone who brings honor and glory to our homeland.

    I take my hat off to the Philippine national football team for an exhilarating run in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup!

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