Focus (13 December 2010)

For the first time in almost a week, I had an honest-to-goodness track workout. Right after work, I rushed to the Trinoma mall, where my car was parked. Thanks to the MRT and my brisk walking skills, it took a good hour and a half to get to Moro from my office in Makati.

The indoor track was almost deserted, save for two of my college batchmates. It was refreshing to see familiar faces. It relieves the monotony that tends to build up training solo.

Since I’m slated to run the 100m dash this Saturday, I kept the workout intense and straight-to-the point. I did three sprint starts and two all-out 150’s. On a positive note, there was marked improvement in my crouch starting technique. Instead of abruptly running erect out of the blocks, I was able to stay low for a good 30 meters. However, my sprinting form had some major quirks. Instead bringing my foot up as soon as it goes below the butt, it kicks all the way back – a no-no for a sprinter.

I wanted to do more drills last night. But I figured, such moves will be nothing but stopgap measures. Mental note to self: do more drills next season!

More importantly, I was able to resist the temptation of the bottle last night. This is a rare show of discipline on my part. Maybe I’m just pissed off that the story of this season has been incessant interruptions. Although I have two more Christmas parties scheduled this week, I’ll keep my alcohol intake limited to the bare minimum – or none at all.

Track workout:

Running drills

3x50m starts

2x150m sprints (100%)


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