Second Wind (7 December 2010)

Last Tuesday’s training session started slow. Too slow, in fact, that I almost grew frustrated. When I got to Ultra at around 6pm, the stadium was barely lit. I had to set-up the hurdles in reverse, to take full advantage of lighting. I must admit that the darkened track somehow affected my hurdling. Also, I wasn’t used to sprinting in the opposite the direction.

I kept on floating over the hurdles. I couldn’t seem to go full speed considering the circumstances. Everything changed for the better once the stadium lights were turned on, thanks to the Ultimate folks. My heartfelt thanks to those disc-throwing men and women for being bright beacons (quite literally)!

I felt so pumped up with the track basking in the floodlights. I always loved training at night. In a sense, this is the closest I’ll ever get to the feeling of competing at night. Back in college, I imagined myself competing in the SEA Games (or even the Olympics!) final. The floodlights seem to accentuate the expanse of the stadium, no matter how small the Ultra track is. I can almost imagine the cheers of the thousands of fans – the electricity of the competition.

Read “Tuesday Night Lights”

The sudden change in ambiance lifted my game. At the final rep of the workout, I finally found the optimal speed. I burst out of the non-existent starting block like a maniac, aggressively clearing the first hurdle. I had no problems transitioning into the quick three-stride pattern, in light of my faster-than-usual start. Everything felt so smooth and easy as I cleared all four hurdles with much vigor. And boy did I fell fast! I dove to the imaginary finish line ala Colin Jackson.

As I slowed down, I clenched my right palm into a fist. I wanted to scream out loud and scream to the high heavens “great workout!” Thankfully, I was prudent enough not to do so.

It was the best hurdle training session I had in months.

Track workout

Hurdle walk-overs

Five step hurdle clearances

2x40m sprint starts

3×1 hurdle starts

2×2 hurdle starts

3×3 hurdles, 3×4 hurdles

3x70m sprints


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