Deficient (4 December 2010)

At first, I was euphoric seeing the first recorded clips of myself three stepping. It has been so long since I had someone to tape my training sessions. Well, that’s the major consequence of training alone. Thanks again to Paco Razon and Chert Chu!

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The lower quality clip from the link above was deceptive. The grainy pixels seemed to hide the glaring deficiencies in my hurdling technique and my utter lack of speed. When I watched the video clip below, my heart sank at the Herculean task of building my hurdling base from the ground up (again).

In certain aspects of my life, I am a perfectionist. Athletics and the hurdles are prime examples. I am intensely competitive.

Even though I was relatively cold when the aforesaid video was taken, the flaws in my form were evident. The starts was slow. I tend to wobble from side-to-side whilst sprinting (an evidence of sub-standard core strength). My trail arm flails to the side before clearing the hurdle. My hip action isn’t quick enough.

I shall take a break during Christmas vacation and resume my training as soon as 2011 starts. Fixing the aforesaid technical deficiencies will be high up on my athletics goal wall.

Video credit:

Paco Razon


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