Due to my dad’s battle with the Big C, I’ve practically spent most of my evenings the past few weeks in Medical City. I’ve never been a fan of hospitals. These places of life, healing and death are just way too depressing. I cannot stand the smell of antiseptic. The entire place exudes a strangely numbing aura.

I find some measure of comfort in the hospital’s similarity to my alma mater. From the color schemes of the hallways, the faux wood parquet panels down to the soap dispensers in the washrooms – these bear a stark resemblance to the good old Ateneo campus. Due to the hospital’s proximity to the Ateneo School of Public Health and Medicine, most of the residents and medical clerks seem vaguely familiar.

Hospitals are the last place in the world where I want to see familiar faces. Unless its a friend or acquaintance working in health services or someone who had just successfully given birth, hospitals just aren’t apt for the traditional greeting of “nice meeting you here.” Nevertheless, it was good seeing our former team captain, Ryan Dalman, who’s in his third year of med school. Unfortunately, I also bumped into a former team manager (whose grandfather had a stroke) and another former teammate (confined because of dengue fever).

I heaved a big sigh of relief when my dad got discharged last night.

Seeing my father at such a weakened state tears my heart. Aside from the Big C, my dad has always been in the pink of health, in light of his high fiber diet and regular exercise routine. But then again, we are all in the mercy of genetics.

As soon as he recovers from the surgery, he’ll undertake sessions of chemotherapy to rid his body of the cancer. Hence, my leisurely pursuits would have to take a back seat.


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